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Portrait or Landscape?

Do you always take photos with your smartphone in portrait mode?
March 15, 2020
By Torgeir Johansen

This is how most smartphone photos and videos are displayed on desktops and tv sets. Display a horizontal subject as vertical is not optimal and will ruin an otherwise nice photo or video.

All photos in portrait started with the smartphone. People are used to hold their phone in a vertical position and post photos into social media.


This is the same scene shot with phone in landscape mode. This is how a landscape should be displayed on a pc, tablet and tv display.



Portrait mode with annoying blur removed, image height same as above. There is limited information in this photo compared to photo above.

This is a new example with blur used to expand image on desktop and tv.

Phone positioned in landscape mode. Image shows a landscape, not only part of a landscape.

Holding phone in portrait mode. This photo is placed on a background with same color as website backgound.

Photo of a gate in Mutrah, Oman. Taken with Nikon D5 in portrait mode. Subject is vertical. Black fill.

Photo of a souq interior in Sohar, Oman. Nikon D5 35mm/f 11. ISO 20000. Horizontal subject.

Use landscape mode for most subjects, except photos of a person or a vertical subject.

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