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Installing XAMPP in Windows

XAMMP Installation

Section 1: Click to see installation with screendumps.

XAMPP Control Panel

Section 2: Click to see Control Panel configuration.

Open Brackets preferences file from debug

Brackets PHP runtime not found.

Section 3: Click to see how to configure PHP for Brackets code editor.

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Apr 15, 2020

Download installation file from https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html

Doubleclick on downloaded file. Setup-XAMPP window opens.

Click on Next button.

Select components in this window and click on Next button. I’m going to use this installation for a Adobe Dreamweaver test server.

Select a folder for installation. In my example I did select G:\Xampp. Click on Next button.

Next window shows ad for Bitnami installers. Remove tick if you don’t want to open Bitnami website. 

Click Next in Ready to Install window.

Installing starts.

Setup has finished, if you start the Control Panel, firewall will ask for permission to open connection. Select only Privat Network. XAMPP is not safe for external networks.

This error message is due to missing administrator rights.

Click on OK button to close error message.

Control Panel opens with a warning about missing administrator rights. Close Panel and reopen with administrator rights.

Run XAMPP Control Panel as administrator: Press Win buttton and write XAMPP. Click on “Run as administrator”.

Running with administrator rights. Click on Start button actual service. Service will change from red to green. Config button at upper right opens Configuration window. Tick Autostart if you want to autostart a module.

In “Configuration of Control Panel” you can select to autostart a module every time Control Panel is started. Remember to save your new configuration.

This is first time MySql server is started and firewall must be opened for this application. Select private networks, XAMPP is not secure for external connections. 

XAMPP is up and running. Browser opens a welcome page at localhost/dashboard/

XAMPP folder structure, place content in htdocs folder.

Php runtime not found in Brackets
Open Brackets preferences file from debug

Brackets PHP runtime not found.

This section shows how to use the Brackets code editor with PHP in XAMPP. PHP7 runtime error shows then PHP is missing.

A web server is needed to run a PHP file. Apache webserver is installed with XAMPP. A valid PHP7 executable path configuration is set in preference file “brackets.json". 

Note computer path to folder with php.exe. In this example it is: G:\Xampp\php\php.exe. Open Preferences file from Debug menu in the Brackets application. 

Edit brackets json preference file.

Enter executeable path as shown in figure.

Update November 2021:

Bracket developement has stopped. See more here:


“On September 1, 2021, Adobe will end support for Brackets. If you would like to continue using, maintaining, and improving Brackets, you may fork the project on GitHub. Through Adobe’s partnership with Microsoft, we encourage users to migrate to Visual Studio Code, Microsoft’s free code editor built on open source.”