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About me

Website macrogallery.com is administrated and edited by Torgeir Johansen. All photos and images by Torgeir Johansen.

Combining Travel & Photography.

Macrogallery.com and Macrogallery.net  shows photos from worldwide travel. Copying, duplicating, saving as a digital file, printing, publishing in form of media including web, manipulating, transmitting or reproducing without the prior written permission of  Torgeir Johansen is strictly forbidden and would constitute a breach of copyright.


Fishermen at Qurum Beach. Muscat, Oman. 

My Story

A self taught photographer living in Norway. Started with a Pentax ME several years ago. More than 100 000 photos later it’s time to show a few on the web.




Latest Activity

Design of new website macrogallery.com started in 2019. Built with WordPress Divi theme by Elegant Themes.

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