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Google Pixel Phones Finally in Norway

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro open for preorder in Google Store Norway.

October 10, 2022
By Torgeir Johansen

Google has opened new markets for Pixel 7 phones. According to androidauthority, the Europe market will be expanded to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands. They will be available from October 13th and a preorder/waitlist list is available in the Google Store.

Pixel 7 is reasonable priced for a high-quality phone. Google owns the Android OS and the pixel phones is free from crapware. The Pixel UI is frequently updated, and some features are only available on Pixel phones. Pixel 6 and later Pixel phones will get Pixel updates for at least 5 years from when the device first became available on the Google Store in the US. Pixel updates include Pixel security updates and may also include feature drops and other software updates. See Pixel Phone Help.

My Pixel 3 XL battery needs charging more often and it does not receive security updates anymore. Latest update was in October 2021. That is a big issue with smartphones, known vulnerabilities without patch makes the phone unsecure.

Expect improved camera on Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7. Improved camera software supported by AI. https://blog.google/products/pixel/pixel-7-camera/

Check out photos from my old Pixel 3XL here: https://www.macrogallery.net/album/pixel-3xl/