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Steigen, a hidden gem in Northern Norway?

August 11, 2020
By Torgeir Johansen


Updated September 2023 with photo gallery.

View from Veidholmen Eidsvika Steigen Norway
Aakervik, Steigen
Warm summer day in Saursfjorden
Sunset Helnessund, Steigen
Steigen municipality is 2-3 hours drive north of Bodø, on E6 and continue on Fv 835. After leaving the 8 km long Steigen tunnel the landscape opens up at Forsbukta.

Steigen tunnel opened in 1990 making easy access to Steigen by road, previously ferry was only transport.

Express boat from Bodø and Svolvær is an alternate if you want to stay within a limited area. You will find departure times on entur.no, the Norweigan travel planner.

Public bus transport is very limited within the municipality. Main roads are black top but some parts are very narrow and bumpy. Take your time and watch the beatiful landscape.

There are many activities available. Walking hikes are presented on information boards several places in Steigen.  One is placed at Tømmerneset parking lot by the rock art site in Sagelva.

Fishing is a very popular activity, boats are available several places.

Helnessund Brygger.

In August 2020 we did stay at Helnessund Brygger, in room 302. Room 302 is a small apartment, two rooms, kitchen and a shower. Very basic accommodation, it is only for sleeping. But on the plus side rooms in this building has access to a nice terrace.

Helnessund Brygger.
Open terrace, Helnessund Brygger
Covered terrace in front of room 302., Helnessund.
Sunset view from Helnessund Brygger
There is a restaurant/cafe “Nybrygga” but when we arrived 5 pm on a Friday evening they where sold out on everything except pizza. t’s a grocery store nearby or a better choice is to drive 20 minutes to Steigen Vertshus in Leinesfjord, the municipality center. Before Covid-19 most visitors to this facility was tourist on fishing trips used to bring their own food. Many small tourism locations in Norway suddenly had to adapt to Norweigan tourist in the summer of 2020. Travel restrictions during Covid-19 has encouraged Norweigan travellers to explore Norway.


This is a popular beach on warm summer days. It’s 15 minutes drive from Helnessund. Google Maps.

Brennviksanden Nature Reserve, Steigen
Sunset at Brennvika Nature Reserve
Kayaks at Brennviksanden, Steigen
Brennvika Steigen


Bøsanden is a large beach with white sand on Engeløya. It is 35 km from Leinesfjord. In clear weather you will see Lofoten from the beach. Google Maps.

Bøsanden panorama
Bøsanden blue sky
Blue sky yellow sand
Tents at Bøsanden beach
Sandy beach


There are several places to stay in Steigen.

More information on this website (Norwegian language)