iPhone album Snapshots with a smart phone or tablet is easy, but images often lack sharpness and colors. Whenever sufficient light is available my iPhone 4 deliver images without noise. But colors and sharpness must be adjusted before sending images via e-mail or print.

Rose  was shot with  Nikon D700/50mm/PK11a and resized in Photoshop before upload into iPhone gallery.

IPhone 4 has a 5 Mpixel camera with a very small  lens and will never be able to produce high quality images. A Point & Shoot camera like the Panasonic LX-3 will be a better choice if you are looking for higher quality photos from a small camera.



Photoshop Express App for iOS and Android  sharpen images and enhance colors.

Read more at www.photoshop.com and download App.




Image below shows sharpness and saturation before and after Photoshop Express.

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