Importing photos.

Several posts on photo related Internet forums shows problems with raw file import from camera to computer. Using Windows  is not the best option. If you have Bridge or equal software installed, this is preferred to Windows explorer. Simply connect your card-reader to your computer and use Bridge to browse to images.  Open a new window in Bridge and browse to import folder.  Select photos for download. Right click and select copy to import folder, copy keeps files on card until transfer is finished.  In the example shown, I have selected photos exposed with a 60mm lens.

Bridge import.

Bridge window.

Apply keywords and copyright to images during or after import with a metadata template. A metadata template is made by right-click on a file and select file info. Save template for later use with the export button.

Xmp metadata

Metadata template.

It is also a down loader available in Bridge. Select File>Get Photos from Camera from File Menu, the Photo down loader opens.  Select source and destination folder, in the advanced window apply a metadata template

Bridge Photo Downloader

Bridge Photo Down loader.





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